Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My Role

This week, our group has been planning and researching different ideas on the story and what genre conventions we were going to use for our Thriller/Crime. My role this week was to come up with ideas for costume & props and also genre conventions and the moodboard. I researched different kinds of films of out genre and then the group had decided that the main character would be a plain isolated girl so i looked up plain clothes such as plain jeans and a plain white t shirt with plain trainers. This is to reflect her personality through what she wears. Furthermore, in decided on probs such as the make of the mobile phone and laptops for certain scenes in the film. The moodboard was made up of different pictures which inspired our group for the story we came up with. The different pictures are quite dark and isolated and show films such as trainspotting, this is england, and shallow grave which are social realism films which was out original genre however as a group we realised our story line was bordering more towards the thriller / crime genre.

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