Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Location shots

This photo is one of the locations where Charlie follows Ella and it is near the house that will be the main location.

This is the front of the house and the front door of where the main location is. We will be filming inside the house as well as outside and there is a possibility that the beginning shot will be an establishing shot of the house so that it is recognized throughout the trailer and has meaning.

This is the corner of the road in which Charlie is standing outside of the house looking up at the window. We picked this location because it was a goos corner right outside the hosue and from the window in the house you can see clearly therefore we are planning to do shots from the window looking out to see the "mysterious man" outside staring.

This location is the railings in which we are filming Ella run towards to try and escape. This will be part of the last shots where they are really fast cuts. We chose this location because it had an eerie feel to it because it was like a dead end and there was no where to escape for the main character.

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