Thursday, 5 January 2012

Synopsis Changed

The synopsis of our film has changed slightly and we have decided that the character will not have her phone stolen but now it is based on the concept of the main character recieving dvds of her being filmed doing ordinary everyday things.

A young Liv (Ella Mitchell) walks home from college yet she doesnt know someone mysterious is following her home. Oblivious to anyone around her, she approaches her road onto her front porch and opens the door. The next day she recieves an anonymous DVD posted to her saying "Play me" so she does. She is overcome with confusion when she realises the film is filming outside her house. After finding out its none of her friends playing tricks on her, she recieves more DVDs this time getting more and more intamate. She starts to panic and becomes tormented by the DVD's and searches whatever she can to try and find out who is obsessed with her. Will she find out before its too late....?

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