Sunday, 18 March 2012

Feedback for first draft of trailer

The over all feedback is quite positive and everyones reactions seemed to be quite positive. All of the feedback shwos that the audience knew what genre the trailer was and also what the basic story of the film was, which was a girl being posted dvds of recordings of her and him basically intruding in her life through stalking her. I'm very pleased with this result because it shows that we have achieved the codes and conventions of our chosen genre of Thriller/horror and edited the shots well enough so that the audience knows the rough story of the trailer.

Things that people liked most was the phone call, (which was created by recording me and issy faking an emergency services phone call throguh speakerphone and putting it onto the hard drive and adding it as music), they also liked the text imbetween shots such as "what would you do" and " if someone was recording your every move" ect. I am pleased with this because I think the language and effects for these texts are really effective as it complies with the conventions of a thriller especially as it flickers which gives a dark and disorientating effect.

Most of the feedback said to improve the length that the text is up for because some people found it hard to read. Furthermore, the breathing at the end was quite unrealistic and needs to be toned down and changed which is a reaosnable feedback because I agree. Lastly another thing that needs to be changed is the scream at the end due to most feedback sheets saying that it sounded quite unrealistic therefore maybe if we recorded the scream ourselves it will sound better and more realistic.

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