Thursday, 1 March 2012

Photos for poster

As you can see this photo isn't done very well and therefore I will not be using it because the models face doesnt look professional. However, this is the kind of close up shot I wanted of the main character.

This picture I quite like because it is a medium close up shot of the main character trapped behind bars with no expression on her face which gives a kind of creepy feel because of her paleness. I liked the idea of putting the character behind bars because it reflects the idea that she is being tormented and trapped in the trailer because someone is following her who she cannot escape from. The lighting is quite good in this picture and it was done with a flash because it was dark outside and without the flash you couldn't see anything.

This is one of my favourite pictures that I think works best because it is a close up shot of the characters face. It reveals a better expression on her face and the close up really emphasises her emotions.

I wanted to make the front door of the main house the picutre for the poster however, i dont think it looks good because it doesn't look spooky enough. The lighting didn't work out too well either and therefore I won't use this picutre.

I like the mis en scene in this picture because it is in an alley way which conforms with the genre of a thriller / horror and therefore looks scary. There are also some shadows which make the picutre look good aswell. I chose to do a long shot because I wanted to show the whole body of the main character and her position is very still and stiff which gives the impression of fear. The only downside to this picuture is that the character is quite far away and therefore cannot see her face.


I decided to not use all of the images i planned to take in the photoshoot plan orginally and just used Ella (the main character) as the main person in the poster photo. I decided to do this because as she is the main person I wanted the attention to be on her and the audience to arouse questions such as who is she and associate the main character with the title "intrude". Furthermore, when we were filming we came across these railings which I though would be a really good location to take the picture because ella would be behind the railing implying a sense of being trapped.

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